Installation – Episodes 2 to 5

Installation : Final Major Project

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 5

The first day spent hanging at the gallery created a residual anxiety.  I enlisted the help of a friend for day two, which proved invaluable.

Much progress was made with spacing all of the concrete tables but also rehanging them on new wires and new hangers which created a  far more satisfactory practical and visual solution.  A laser level was applied throughout the day and this created an opportunity to perfect levels on the tablets, prints and projection mapping.

Three timelapse videos were made, the first – Episode Two – shows the rehanging of the tablets, thus;

The second – episode Three – the hanging of the cloth on the grey walls (from the hanging rail) for projection in the anti-space, projector testing and tuning using MiniMad Raspberry Pi controllers, then the rehanging (using Velcro applied to the rail and skirting board to create a tension and reduce the creases) and the final set up.

The third – Episode Four – illustrates the final hang and leveling of the concrete tablets and prints along with the installation of the spotlights.


Learning Points

Working in three media creates three sets of challenges with the install, each has to be tested, thought through and in many cases revised and solved.  This takes time and thus allowances have to be made.  Whilst complex the final solution actually looked relatively slick and simple, proving, for example, my belief that simplicity is manifest out of much refining and often complexity.

I had allowed ample time in the production and installation but had I been allowed only one day for installation that would have resulted in failure, without a doubt.  I estimate the ‘person hours’ on install to be a total of 22.


Final Preparation

photo-2018-06-15-09-55-32.jpgFigure 1

The clean-up, fig 1, was done on the launch day (14th June 2018) using micro-fibre gloves.

Before people arrived I shot a short film on the iPhone, see Episode 5 below. It opens with a view from the spiral stair down into the lower gallery space where I was pleased to be able to mount a concrete tablet onto the wall, reversed to show its texture (which proved a subsequent talking point to viewers)


Image Credits

All short films created via a Go-Pro type tripod mounted camera shooting every 20 seconds.

Fig 1, Helena Singleton






Experiment : overnight

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 7


figure 1

A quick update on the acquisition of an Akaso EK5000 camera, fig 1.  I bought this on 15th July 2017 as an alternative, and possibly an addition, to the Raspberry Pi plan I am hatching (see previous post).  After some experimentation I set it up on a 60 second timelapse for 7 hour overnight using its 170 degree fisheye lens.  I have made a short movie (see fig 2,3) using iMovie of the gathered images to provide an experience of a space as the light of dawn begins in its blueness to pervade the sky, then the window frames and interior.  I will continue to sophisticate this process with the intent that it will be left over a 24 hour period in an abandoned building to allow me too record ‘a day in the life of’ the space for presenting in a multimedia way as part of my final project.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.54.02

figure 2

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.54.11

figure 3