A Practice Methodology

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 4, Sustainable Prospects

Crafting a meaningful methodology for one’s practice consumes thinking time and absorbs much research time, in an effort to reach the aspirational refinement.

I am now, at least for the present, satisfied that I have considered my approach, methods and output to be able to encompass it within a narrative that describes a conceptual proposition; a framework to think, research and image make.

I am particularly pleased to have uncovered a musical notation which offers both a terminology and an adopted symbology; fermata.

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Distillation – Practice Methodology ………… Pause

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 6

Following a discussion and challenge with a tutor I have taken a metaphoric scalpel to my practice intent and my endeavour to define my methodology.

I wrote on 23rd June about my intent thus;

"My practice is centred on Documenting Memories

It is about liminality, the state of change and transition that leads to birth : life : death : rebirth.

Each state casts off, but emerges from, its predecessor; my practice intent is to record the previous; the preceding state and the interstitial.

I equip myself with the techniques to capture the whole, the intimate, the trace, the space and the material.

I reinterpret via visual strategies to provide an experience of memory via posters in publicly accessible spaces".


With a degree of experimentation in mind I have reached this new expression.  It is simpler, more concise and demonstrative of my method and practice.  I shall be expressing this in conversations over my work, exhibition and workshop in the coming week, to listen out for responses and understandings.



Defining : The moment of discontinuity : The state of in-between.

Acting : To dwell in the moment and capture the interstitial state.