MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 7

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In my search for improvement. learning and experimentation I search out practitioners as a constant.  In this series published in Format Magazine on 28th June 2017, entitled Dalmatinka, The Ghosts of Croatia’s Abandoned Thread Factory by the photographic artist Nada Maleš.  These are empty spaces of an abandoned factory in former Yugoslavia founded in 1951, once a leading thread maker. Maleš explains. “After an economic and political crisis, Yugoslavia broke up, bringing along privatisation and bankruptcy and hence losing a large part of the market.” This lead to the bankruptcy of the factory, and it eventual closure in 2009″.

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figure 2

The article Jill Blackmore Evans commentates on the images and cites the human trace and thus Sontag “In these remarkably quiet images, Maleš is searching for what the factory workers left behind. The small human traces she uncovers give personality to the huge, empty space of the former factory: a cluster of wooden chairs, a red thermos left behind on a desk, a cross hanging on a shadowy wall, a clock stopped just short of 10:30”.

Personal Reflection

I was pleased to see this work published; it has a political connotation – the failure of local industry and also a very strong parallel with my own approach to practice – that of trace, loss and pause.  The wide view alongside the intimate is an approach I use.  There is a role for the visual communication of recent past in a none romantic method.


Figures 1 and 2 extracted from this article  accessed 16th July 2017