Launch Day

Installation : Final Major Project

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 5

IMG_3906IMG_3908Figures 1, 2

The 14th June at 18.00 people began to arrive.  60 glasses were used (figs 1, 2) which represented an excellent turnout.  It seemed the PR and direct communications paid off and I was very pleased.

I was especially pleased that the write and journalist, Christopher Beanland came up to the launch.  He is based in London.  I had used his quote in my writing “if we turn concrete to dust, where do those memories go?”

The images below provide an overview of the evening;


I delivered my speech, fig 3, then gave everyone a zine to take away.  I also promoted the comments cards, explaining that this show was for my masters degree and comments were welcome and important to my own critique.

me talkFigure 3


All images by Helena Singleton, with the exception of figs 1 and 2 – Philip Singleton




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