Decision – Pricing

Installation : Final Major Project

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 5

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.09.07

Figure 1

The decision to set the price of the work has come to a necessary conclusion and the documentation has been submitted to the gallery for the catalogue composition.

Numerous variables and conditions played out in my own cogitations and the gallerist’s conversations.  These include the apparent prevailing market for photographic prints which is a little dulled presently (this has been cited from three sources, thus moves beyond pure hearsay), the lessened investment state of the economy pre-‘Brexit’, the regional market (i.e. cities outside London with smaller, typically localised buyer markets), the preceding and current shows/pricing policy at Argentea gallery and the fact that I am effectively a student artist.  The counterpoint to these facts are that my work has been selling for the last year and there are value thresholds that are neither artistically or financially problematic to work below.

The prints are a more conventional commodity to value as I work on certified editions of three, (plus an artist’s proof) and use established printers that work with C-type printing and Kodak Endura papers.  I have sold at up to £600 for A1 prints, framed with museum glass.  The three framed prints have been set at £275 as prints only and £450 at A2 size, as framed for the show.  The ‘headline’ print, Roundhouse 1, has been remade as a dry mount onto 5mm Foamex board and a split baton hanger at 900 x 600mm.  As the principal image, this is offered at £325 as a print and £475 as displayed.

The concrete works are less conventional and have a cluster of intriguing characteristics, they are robust, yet have fragile edges, they are hung with bonded plywood batons, the printing is a ‘simple’ decal that is a hand-crafted process.  Each piece is unique given the nature of the concrete process and the ability of the decal ‘skin’ to crease and slightly distort.  But the uniqueness does not warrant a price that would sustain or reflect the merits as a single edition, especially given the ‘unknown’ nature of the buyer market for this type of work.  Instead, via a discussion, the gallerist and I have decided that each decal, regardless of size, will be in editions of 5.  There are 4 tablet size choices in a range £80, £90, £100 with A3 set at £175 as this is a more sensitised making process and will not be shown for display.  If a whole cluster is purchased (there are six in total) a 10% discount would be applied.

The projected images may attract a buyer’s attention individually or as a whole series and these will be sold via a discussion.

The gallery has applied a ‘mark-up’ that is less than the rate applied had it been more involved in curating and funding some of the material.

Two documents have been submitted to the gallery, fig 1, the final set of 25 images in total (21 concrete and 4 prints) and fig 2 is the pricing schedule including all related notes (gallery commision figure is redacted).

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 15.08.22

Figure 2

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