Common Sense on Buying Art

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 4, Sustainable Prospects; Week Four


Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 16.03.16


This latest blog from art and culture blogger Ruth Millington  sets out concisely and sensibly the considerations to make when creating a collection. Reference is made to contemporary photography and the work of Sophie Hedderwick (whom I interviewed and wrote about).

This is assisted by this article in The Guardian  regarding the warming of the photography market.  Patrick Collinson writes “Photographers have responded by limiting their reproductions to just a few signed images. At the Photographers’ Gallery in London, the first public gallery devoted solely to photography and which has championed up-and-coming photographers since opening in 1971, Anthony Hartley says: “The assumption among the general public is that the supply is endless, but that is not the case any longer. Editions tend to be limited, and dramatically so. Just five or 10 prints are standard and the negatives kept by the photographer. All the prints in the edition are produced at the same time, so buyers know that there will never be, say, another 25 produced.





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