Photobook One – A ‘Surface’

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies


FullSizeRender 28

Figure 1

Strategy: I made a decision to be expedient about how to create my photobook based on time, learning to date about zines, books and self publishing.  What I have called Photobook One is actually a self-assembly book.  Six have been made so far; one as the prototype and record of content and the other 5 are boxed and ready for sale at Opus Restaurant, Birmingham, along with my prints, see figure 1.

Each box contains 15 postcards, printed borderless, showing 6 projects within my overall Pause Project. The project introduction sheet was printed onto sheets of tracing paper and guillotined to exactly match the size of the postcard print sheets – this medium was chosen to create a translucent page distinct from the cover and postcards.  The font was Trebuchet MS. I have sliced up several A3 prints to create the ‘covers’ which were folded and glued in a book-making jig. Then a carefully and exactly folded (to A6) A4 guidance sheet is presented as a suggested editing series for the book (allowing people of course to use the postcards discrete too if they choose (figure 3)).  Finally a 19mm bulldog clip to hold it together after assembly, figure 2.

Figure 2

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 11.59.52

Figure 3


I will be intrigued to see if any of these sell (priced at £10 per box) – if not it will be a signal of the wrong approach.

I have not found a way of printing my details and copyright on the rear of the postcard paper which is a disadvantage considering the loose leaf nature of the boxed prints.

I would wish to develop skills in Adobe Indesign for future script layouts.


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