A Collective Invitation

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 15.15.56

Figure 1

Here I am with an opportunity to expand my ‘surface’ of delivering workshops and my engagement evening with Mat Collishaws’s show Thresholds during this module.

I have been invited to talk about my current exhibition at Opus Restaurant, Birmingham on 22nd August as part of the Developed In Birmingham summer festival of photography https://www.developedinbirmingham.com/programme/philip-singleton-artist-talk/ Figure 1

The second piece of good news is that I gave been invited into the Developed in Birmingham collective as the fourth member (currently Pete James, photographic historian, Jenny Duffin, producer and promoter, Jo Gane, artist) that devised and delivered the programme with an emerging plan creating new future activities, our ‘statement’ reads;


Developed in Birmingham is a collective collaboration between Pete James (Curator and Photo-Historian), Jenny Duffin (Creative Producer), Jo Gane (Artist and Educator) and Philip Singleton (Photographer, Architect, and Urban Planner)

Following the successful delivery of a programme of events and activities in the summer of 2017, the team will combine their knowledge, experience and complementary skills to create, develop and deliver a series of dynamic projects including exhibitions, talks, and public engagement events.  These activities will focus on devising creative contemporary responses to the history and future of photography in Birmingham, through photography, in collaboration with diverse partners.  We seek to engage, provoke and reward by enlisting interactive audiences.


In response to the social media profiling of my talk on 22 August, Argentea, Birmingham’s photography gallery owner has announced today (17th August) that she will be in attendance, via the gallery Twitter account – which is great news, figure 2


Figure 2




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