An Emerging Methodology

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 4

My Evolution

My thinking about making work, thus my practice and strategy and indeed methodology, are on my mind. Week 4 of the Surfaces and Strategies module has led me to develop my writing about my work.

My early writing on practice on this site included minimalism followed by a  review.

I then recorded approaches and  practitioners that I could draw on  Art movement a Dutch style and the imprint of human intervention leading to a review of places/surfaces to show

On being uneasy about a change in shooting location container city, on testing out and developing my skills and kit using film time.

So, there is an ongoing and revealing journey, cogitating, revolving and gelling in my own mind and my goal is to able able to succinctly narrate my practice.

Where now?

I have uncovered a purposeful definition of methodology;

“A system of broad principles or rules from which specific methods or procedures may be derived to interpret or solve different problems within the scope of a particular discipline. Unlike an algorithm, a methodology is not a formula but a set of practices”.

From accessed 23rd June 2917

I have reached a point where I can describe my approach conceptually, which is satisfying because it provides a matrix whereby I am able to test an idea against and if it proves an appropriate fit it will then smoothly ‘plug-in’ to the matrix.


My practice is centred on Documenting Memories

It is about liminality, the state of change and transition that leads to birth : life : death : rebirth.

Each state casts off, but emerges from, its predecessor; my practice intent is to record the previous; the preceding state and the interstitial.

I equip myself with the techniques to capture the whole, the intimate, the trace, the space and the material.

I reinterpret via visual strategies to provide an experience of memory.




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