Making (an impromptu) Video

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 3

As part of the through tour made of Krakow Photomonth Festival 2017 main programme (all links accessed 18th June 2017), one of our days as a group commenced by visiting the show based on archives of ‘UFO’ sitings which was a testament to truth or fabricated ‘realities’ in photography and narrative shown here we then arrived to hear curator Gordon MacDonald provide a guided tour of the show focused on aspects of dance and sub-culture in the UK from the 1970-90’s which included large-scale, wall mounted prints, video and sound.

My course colleague Jo Sutherst and I plucked up the confidence to find Gordon in an ante-space after his tour to ask him a few questions and chat about what it is all about.  We were really thrilled that he engaged really effectively with us.  What also provided pleasure was the fact that a video came out of it, via Jo’s iphone, at which point I became the principal host of the questions and conversation.  The video link is seen here as it has been posted up to YouTube.  What it does prove is that in tackling an interview preparation is of key importance as I stumbled into now realising that Gordon had in fact curated the whole of the main prohgrmmme at the festival (an oversight on my side), but then it was a matter of serendipity.


YouTube video

Extract from the main Festival web site;

“Gordon MacDonald is a curator, writer, artist and publisher based in Brighton, England. MacDonald was founding Editor of Photoworksmagazine (UK), co-founder and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Brighton Photo Fringe (2003–2014), and is currently founder and Director of GOST Books (London, UK) until 2016. He is also one half of the creative partnership MacDonaldStrand alongside Clare Strand”.

After this we saw another of the shows in the series

Practice Learning

This was a useful new ‘surface’ on which to describe insights into photographic work.





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