Featuring in an Artist’s Video

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 3

15 photographic artists responded to an open call to be included in a video work by the artist Anneka French at Photocafe which is a Birmingham based network which meets monthly to view and debate work and practice, founded by Somecities and Grain.

I made an application and was one of 7 artists selected to be included in Anneka’s collated work, where she remediated our images and gave a narrative in the context of the theme and her own practice.

The theme was ‘….how do our bodies understand space?’

I submitted this statement about my work:

Information for PhotoCafe 14th June 2017

Philip Singleton

Philip is a lapsed architect who, in 2016, embarked on studying for his Photography MA at Falmouth University. His current work is based on creating images of buildings, and things that reflect their use, at the end of their life, just before their execution.

Philip’s interest in the theme for Photocafe is around the ground shifting below our feet; centred on living in, working on and observing Birmingham for 27 years and seeing its places and buildings reconfigured again and again.  My image making related to this is about accessing spaces that are about to disappear for ever or are being repurposed.  It is about capturing the human relationship with the fabric of these places, the marks, scars and wear that are almost hidden on the surfaces of these places.  The work is neither romantic or holistically capturing buildings, it is a walking and pausing lament infused with melancholia at imminent loss but tinged with the celebratory.  The portfolio is naturally an ongoing undertaking and I have chosen to interweave the buildings into one body of work as I see and capture views, materials, light and colours that bind into a single edited group.

The buildings featured to date:

The BCU Conservatoire – demolished summer 2017

The Calendon Suite, Masonic, Edgbaston – imminent demolition 2017

Two office buildings on Calthorpe Estate – demolished over the next 2 years

Church of St Thomas More, Sheldon, Birmingham

The video (with music) is available here

I was able to meet Anneka at the session along with others and these observations and questions emerged about my own portfolio:

Why don’t I show the exterior of buildings?

If I work beyond my desire to create a photobook, the prints for showing ought to be big scale.  Plus the context for work if exhibited – take care over that choice.

Did I use supplement to found light?

What are the images for?

Practice Learning

I was  happy to be selected but was naturally uncertain about the outcome having had my images reappropriated, although effectively not manipulated.

I woudl be happy to pursue a deeper working relationship with an artist and writer.

The questions whilst addressed by me during the evening are assisting in my current reevaluation of my work.

Here are some images of the evening https://photocafebirmingham.blogspot.co.uk/



some cities

Anneka French  Photocafe





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