How (not) to make a movie to promote practice and projects

MA in Photography, Falmouth University, Module 3, Surfaces and Strategies, Week 2

Thinking about ways to promote one’s work is going to be an important stepping stone to success.  My desire was to make a short movie, maximum 2 minutes long.  This meant I would use software that I honestly had not touched before, that is iMovie.  The app has been staring at me on my phone, iPad and laptop for a long time.  Perhaps not surprisingly this presented me with a huge challenge.  In summary, I aborted as I was not able to manipulate sound, make clips work in series and transition, find ways of doing a voice over and more.  So, I made a pragmatic decision.  I reverted to Keynote and inserted a 3 second movie clip (reduced down three times from two 15 second movies made on foot on 6th June) made from my iPhone this week in Birmingham as the intro.  I then paired up all the images from my current portfolio to enable me to speak to more then one image per slide as I tapped through pages whilst recording my voiceover.  The result is not up to the standard of my peers, but in my view I have made a best effort to produce something.

Here is my YouTube piece

Learning points

I need to train in the use of software that I am not familiar with.  The value of moving imagery is powerful to promote work and practice.


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