Edited Out

Informing Contexts, MA Falmouth University.

Visual narrative that did not meet the edit for my work in progress portfolio.  Here is why:

DSC_5014 copy

figure 1

My work in progress portfolio has, through a newly learnt and quite vigorous editing process, made me realise that issues, ideas and stories merge and are discerned on the layout table.  I have begun to be ruthless and remove images that are in fact rather good in my own eyes, but, on canvassing the views of others, I was able to arm myself with ‘reassessment eyes’ and see that actually the colour range I had captured in the 4 buildings thus far accessed as part of the Empty series were in fact within a restricted palette; muted and often specifically of their time, the 1960’s and 70’s.  The story evoked by the images were of human activity, of hands touching of mundane activity in banal spaces where only the humour, warmth and interaction of people added the necessary dignity that sustains  and creates the commune.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 22.22.23

figure 2

Thus in the case of a building captured in December 2016, where dead flies, abandoned suitcases and food littered the view, the demolition visit in January 2016 (figures 1 and 2) was all about arc lights, a churning and disembowelling of a place.  It tended to reflect the work of Peter Mitchell (http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/analysis/after-40-years-in-obscurity-meet-britain-s-most-overlooked-photographer-1-8115117 accessed on 13th April 2017). 

This is a different story; not quite another mini-series but nevertheless included here for completeness of the account of a building that once designed, made and occupied for commerce, now abandoned and festooned with gloom is razed from the city landscape in all its twenty storey stature of muscular edifice.  These images, despite being part of the narrative of demise, were distinctly not suitable for final inclusion in the series Empty.



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