A Little Light Relief


We decided amongst ourselves as a cohort this week to have some themed fun as a foil to the demanding cycle of weekly research, shooting and writing.  This was the first time we had indulged and the suggestion was ‘tomato soup’.  We could choose whether to get involved and in doing so we could experiment and simply do whatever we wished in terms of applying the idea to image making.

I carried my tin of the Campbell’s variety, chosen for its overt link to the Warhol montages.  I decided to be anti-reverential and make a large number of images on my iPhone whilst I was roaming around my home and outdoors with my dog Rory.

The first image struck me as perfectly possible as the carved rock is in my favorite parkland and it seems suddenly to resemble the Dome in Yosemite national park, so the tin was placed on the top and I crouched down on the ground to exaggerate the scale.  The two birds flew across the frame and I chose that moment to freeze the view.  The caption is clearly tongue-in-cheek, but anchors the image to an era and artist.  The choice of monochrome conversion was a simple gesture rather than a serious homage to Adams’ style and method.

The second image, on the right, was the moment late at night when I looked at my trousers folded on the top of my chest of drawers at home and I realised I was walking around holding my can of soup, then the indulgent play on words (a favoured pastime of mine) struck and I was able both visually and textually enjoy a play on words, supported by the silly image to contrive my own combination.  The exaggerated colour and reference to Warhol are far from subtle but nevertheless irresistible. It made me giggle, so the seeking out levity was fulfilled.


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