A Sort of Manifesto…….

We have looked, as part of the MA in photography at Falmouth University at contemporary practice and the ethics and accountability the photographer has towards her/himself, the audience and the subject(s).

Clearly the frozen moment can be reproduced endlessly today, more so than ever, given the viral nature of internet based communication, whether you chose to harness the web or not, somebody will.  The ‘risk’ of exposure that can be misconstrued is high.  It could ‘damage’ the subject, your reputation as an image maker and indeed the eye and mind of the viewing audience, if the context and the reason for the ‘moment of seeing’ is not explained.  There may not be an opportunity to explain.

So, with a degree of simplicity and trepidation, I set out concisely here my ‘manifesto’ for my practice:

  • I aspire to capture images that inform, provoke and occasionally thrill.
  • I aim for authenticity – being real, honest and frank.  My images reframe the familiar.  In the city I capture line, form and shadow.
  • I am accountable to an audience, whom I realise I cannot predict, and thus will not allow my images to be used for religious, political or any extreme purposes.
  • I will always enter a debate about my images and discuss their impact, information and suggestion.

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